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Thoughtfully designed using the finest organic and naturally active botanical products, Tonic Room’s facials are bespoke and uniquely customised to your individual needs. Combining a hand picked selection from our key boutique brands alongside Tonic Room’s specifically designed formulations, each facial delivers active nutrients directly to your skin working to strengthen, rejuvenate, repair and restore.

Bespoke Facial

The Bespoke Facial is designed to help guide your skin into balance whilst indulging your senses in luxury and relaxation. Each treatment is customised based on your own personal needs and unique lifestyle.

The facial begins with a 15 minute skin consultation and analysis from which your exclusive bespoke facial will be designed. You will experience a variety of techniques, including deep cleansing, gentle enzymatic exfoliation, hydrating nutrient infusions, signature clay mask applications, therapeutic facial massage and nourishment through minerals, pure oils and herbal extracts.

All products used meet Tonic Room’s strict criteria of purity, efficacy, and luxury. Suitable for all skin types and conditions, these facials are formulated to help detoxify, balance, refine and restore the appearance of your skin.

60 minutes / $155

75 minutes / $185

Holistic Facial

Radiant and healthy skin starts from within. A total skin healing experience, focused on health and wellbeing, customised down to the last detail.

The Holistic Facial begins with a 45 minute consultation with our qualified naturopathic skin expert. Throughout this appointment we will explore any underlying conditions that could be contributing to compromised skin health such as nutrition, hormones, food sensitivities, environmental allergens and toxicity. Continue your treatment with our indulgent therapeutic Bespoke Facial that is customised to address your individual needs.

This quintessential holistic experience is a profound healing treatment, that works to rebuild the foundations of wellness, strengthen and balance the skin and holistically encourage a healthy and radiant glow.

120 minutes / $220

Deep Cleansing Facial

Tonic Room’s Deep Cleansing facial is the ultimate skin transformation. This facial is designed to eliminate the skins toxic load and restore its natural physiological functions.

 This treatment provides deep tissue cleansing to decongest and purge pores of ingrained make-up, environmental pollution and metabolic toxins. A combination of firm and precise massage techniques are used to encourage the natural cleansing ability of the dermal layer, helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines, refine pores and re-contour the face. Facial tension, stress and fatigue are relieved whilst chronic dryness and surface tightness are addressed.

A collection of Tonic Rooms most active and powerful botanical products are used in this treatment to cleanse and detoxify damaged skin at a cellular level, relieving dull and congested complexions. Unique and profoundly effective, this rejuventating and anti-ageing facial helps to restore the skins delicate protective barrier, allowing tissues to breathe deeply and function fully, drawing out a natural radiant glow.

90 minutes / $220

Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial { nature’s face lift }

This is an intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals. Sodashi’s exclusive warm infusing mask will maximise penetration of these essential vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skins needs to purify, deeply cleanse, and nourish leaving your skin hydrated and toned. This is more than just a facial; it’s nature’s face lift.

90 minutes / $220.00

Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial { renewal }

Let us take your skin on a journey of total renewal. Deeply relax as you enjoy Sodashi’s aromatic warm facial compresses that soften and exfoliate, followed by a nurturing face mask rich in herbal extracts, to purify and hydrate the skin. This facial experience is tailored to your skin's needs and is enhanced with the Sodashi facial massage. Luxurious Sodashi plant essence synergies will leave your skin revitalised and fresh.

60 minutes / $155.00

Balancing Intuitive Facial

This facial brings together the best of deep facial massage, Gua Sha, reiki and our luxurious natural skincare ranges to balance the skin and body. The massage stimulates microcirculation to deliver essential oxygen and nutrients to the skin, whilst reiki is deeply relaxing and combines energic and physical balancing that promotes clarity and rejuvenated skin.  

We use only the highest quality ingredients we can find in our treatments to leave the skin feel nurtured from both the inside and out.  Our therapist will guide you through the experience leaving you with a deep sense of calm, reset and rejuventation.

90 minutes / $220

MV Radiance Therapy

MV Radiance Therapy is so much more than a facial. This unique and unforgettable treatment is incredibly nurturing; inducing a deep state of relaxation and peaceful inner stillness. 

Harnessing the power of essential oils, this beautifully aromatic facial leaves your skin radiant and dewy while supporting and enhancing the body’s own healing response. 

In the busy time we now live in - on call and always connected - this is the quintessential ‘mindfulness’ skin experience as it focuses on the breath and the natural rhythm of the body. The ultimate treatment to re-set your mind, your body and your skin. 

 MV Radiance Therapy is wonderfully supportive for those: 

· Who find it difficult to relax 

· Suffering from stress or fatigue 

· Recovering from surgery or illness 

· With poor sleep patterns 

· Suffering from rosacea, PCOS, acne or eczema 

Tonic Room's holistic facialist Milly Hart is one of only 5 MV Master Facialists in the world and has been trained exclusively under the guidance of Sharon McGlinchey, founder of MV Skincare

60 minutes / $160

May Lindstrom "The Botanical Harvest"


This sensuous and intoxicating facial is like no other. We invite you to soften into yourself and allow us to nurture and feed you. Release into loving touch as we immerse your deserving skin in care that leaves you calm, restored, and radiant. 

45 minutes of bliss / $140

Hands on Skin Consultation

Gain a deeper understanding of your skins own unique requirements with our Hands on Skin Consultation.

 Each 45 minute appointment with our qualified Holistic Facialist is designed to help you achieve the most effective at home skin care for you to gain maximum benefits and results. Your current skin care routine alongside any concerns and goals you have will be discussed in detail.

Alongside your in depth skin analysis, you will enjoy a short cleanse and rejuvenating facial massage. After your appointment, a treatment protocol will be advised, drawing from our range of natural and active botanical skincare products. Morning and evening product suggestions and rituals will be discussed alongside internal health and wellness recommendations all aimed at enhancing your natural radiance

45 minutes / $95

Tata Harper Multi-Acid Peel

Known as the Total Complexion Reset, this treatment incorporates 11 different hydroxy acids in the first stage of the treatment, called the Multi-Acid Complex.  The second phase of the treatment involves the application of the Skin Rejuvenating Complex which combines the exfoliating power of white willow bark with lavender flower water, sugar prebiotics, beet root and tazman pepper berry extracts, and radish root ferment for their hydrating and healing benefits.

This 100% natural and non-toxic peel has 22 high-performance ingredients that work for your skin, not against it. Multiple natural sources of alpha hydroxy acid, poly hydroxy acid and beta hydroxyl acid to purify, smooth, even, balance and hydrate the look of your skin so you can achieve your best glow. By strengthening and moisturising, rather than stripping and irritating. This peel refines, rejuvenates and renews your skin for an immediately healthy glow and a noticeably improved complexion.

Prior to treatment please avoid all retinol products for at least 3 days.  Sunscreen must be applied after treatment for 5 days.

60 minutes / $175

Set of three treatments / $450

Extra Massage Add on

Enhance your facial with an extra 15 minutes of deeply relaxing massage!  Request either:

* Shoulders, neck & head

* Feet, calves with reflexology points

* Facial Gua Sha

15 mins / $30


Combining a variety of techniques including waxing, tweezing and trimming, your brows are groomed and shaped to perfection. 

20 minutes / $30.00
add brow grooming to your facial / $20.00

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